Today I attended several meetings that each left me reflecting on one big question; “Does what I value align with what I practice?”

Through a difficult conversation about dropping a passion project, deciding how it is I plan to jumpstart my agency, and contemplating how best to invest time into my relationships, the question of how to distribute my energies in a way that honors my values is the string that connects them all.

What can also be known as “disruption” to your normal life is a familiar occurrence in any life shift. Getting married, starting a business, having children, and other life events that are out side of our control, are other examples of “disruptions” we endure.

What I’m finding is that the most difficult aspect to enduring disruptions well is holding fast to what we value most highly.

Our issue is rarely having enough time to do all we wish to do, but prioritizing the practices most aligned to our values.

It’s easy to say yes to anything closely aligned to our values. And while no practice can guarantee the reality we hope for, it’s vital that we take inventory of our commitments and asking if that time investment will truly aligns with our our goals (I’ve recently experienced being asked to step away from a project I couldn’t commit my energies to- no fun).

But…if we courageously accept the most honest desires of our heart and the sacrifice necessary to make our desires a reality, we create permission to invest in what matters to us most.

Here are a few examples of what I mean here:

  • I value the move into business ownership to be of higher value than my fear of not having a steady paycheck and the loads of uncertainty that comes with business ownership
  • I value the practice of writing and meditative journaling greater than squeezing in an extra hour of study time in my certification course (while forsaking the fear of not completing the course on time)
  • I value the practice of singular focus to build the meaningful business and life I desire greater than battling the feelings of not giving enough time to other meaningful projects

While deciding what we want in life can be a daunting task, breaking it down to what we value most then deciding the practices that best support those values is a great place to start.

With Joy & Aloha <3