Weird idea, right? Pineapple seem like an odd thing to find inspiring.

But recently, this fabulous tropical fruit became the pinnacle of one of our most exciting projects yet! It’s been such an adventure, I had to share a little about the process of creating and releasing LocalMoji this week.


Local Moji


After having a short discussion on making a pineapple sticker app, Bryan (my husband and business partner at Swissco Digital Marketing) designed a little sticker app within the course of an evening. (He’s a Apple app developer, but to spend only a half-day creating an iOS sticker app is pretty crazy…go Bryan!)

So over the course of three days, our little ‘apple ended up being featured on the local news (KHON2) and a national show, American Ninja Warrior.

Just by inviting our friends into the fun, we reached well over 1000 free downloads in the first few days!

The reason I share this is because I’m constantly inspired by my husband’s true-blue entrepreneurial spirit and his “just ship it” mentality when it comes to trying new things. It’s easy to get wrapped up in perfecting our creations before we share them, but this story goes to show you that it’s a good practice to take the plunge with your ideas…you never know what will happen!

We’re obviously totally stoked from this experience but even more, we hope it inspires YOU to trust your creative instincts. If you think your creation will put a smile on the faces of your friends, it’s you’re likely on to something…just go for it!

This segment wouldn’t be complete without a little plug, so here it is:

Download LocalMoji and share the Aloha with friends!

With Joy & Aloha,
Sam & Bryan