After watching a compelling interview with Seth Godin, I’m beginning to question this idea of failure and ideology surrounding productivity.

We’re all heard “Beyonce has 24 hours in a day…blah blah,” But here’s the question behind the banter: what are we really waiting for? In regard to our life, I mean.

If we have dreams and great ideas, what are we doing about them?

A dream-blocker question that came up for me: Is watching TV really beneficial for my marriage? What about meaningful conversation over coffee dates? *Ding-ding-ding* My goodness is it easy to justify bad habits. Ya. I justify 3 hours of Netflix for not writing or conversing and call it bonding time, but does it really help me move closer to my dreams?

I’m gonna go with…no.

Deciding what we want in life isn’t really our issue. Deciding what we will say yes to is the hard thing. In Jon Acuff’s book Quitter, Jon gives several pieces of advice on deciding a career that still reverberates in my mind.

He doesn’t really say it this way, but here’s my summary:

  1. Everyone gets distracted with “shinny-object-syndrome.” Learn to say “no” to the things that take away from your actual career ideal (and family and other things that matter… for that matter).
  2. Be grateful for where you are. No matter how sucky that job or thing you committed to is, there is something meaningful about where you are in the present. Be present. It’s a gift (ok, I added that)
  3. Don’t quit when it’s hard. Only quit when you know your energies are more useful elsewhere- and when you have a tiny bit of certainty that the thing you want to be doing is worth quitting the thing you loathe.

As I’m approaching the end of my season is the corporate world (again) and embracing what I really want as an entrepreneur (again), I’m scared to death. But it isn’t failure to try and fail. Failure is settling on “yes” where a “no” should reside. 

To further my point, please watch the Seth Godin video I mentioned.*Warning* It may challenge you with uncomfortable truths…but in a good way. Promises.

May you dare to dream big and live out your “hell-yeahs!”

Lots of love & Aloha to you, my dear friend.