During a season of managing a concierge team at an international hotel, I learned quite a bit about connecting with people who speak completely different languages and communicate their desires in…well…interesting ways.

Aside from the struggle of communicating with foreign speakers, using gestures and smiles, there was the constant challenge of navigating office politics, calming upset customers, and containing my fan-girl excitement in meeting certain celebrities. (I’ll refrain from indulging).

In a search to find some answers on dealing with difficult people, I stumbled upon some helpful videos created by the researcher, Vanessa Van Edwards.

Vanessa is a social science researcher who provided some with excellent insight on rising above my challenges but more importantly, she helped build my confidence in one of the scariest endeavors of an entrepreneur: attending networking events.

In one of my favorite videos, the “5 Attributes of Charismatic People,” Vanessa shares how charisma is a learned trait that we can practice in meeting new people.

From connecting through interesting ice-breakers to “deep eye gazing,” she shares many tested ways we can deeply connect beyond our usual, and often awkward, networking events.

Watch her vids! No matter how fantastic or odd your social skills, you’re sure to learn a helpful something from this lovely lady’s research.

Wishing you joy-filled connections in your next engagement!