In a beautiful coffee date with a close friend, I was overwhelmed by our shared joy of a life lived with creative freedom.

This particular friend of mine and I have have shared most of our meetings gushing over our striving-struggles but today was a different meeting for us.

As we sat across from each other, relaxed and filled with optimism, we shared how this season felt easy for once. While not much was different in the day-today chaos, there was one imperative element that had changed: our mindset.

A few months back, I read Steven Pressfeild book, “The War of Art” and by the end, concluded that I was neither an artist or creative person (tears and all…lol.) He proposed the question (paraphrased,) “what is the one thing you would be doing or creating if no one ever saw your work?” This question left me hopelessly grasping for something, anything, that I would be doing if it were not for the sake of performance or profit. All the while, I wrote about how disappointing I must be as the daughter of two artists.

After watching an interview of Seth Godin last week however, I was wholly convicted by the lack of knowing my creative passion. It should have been obvious. When I forsake writing, I feel dead creatively. Um..hello self?

One poignant statement Seth made was that he writes without caring who reads his writing. Instead of wondering who will see or criticize his work, he writes every day for the sake of being a more thoughtful and present human being.

Well…that about summed it up for me.

No more hiding in the fear-based excuses of “other people are better writers” or “what if this or that person doesn’t like it?” Creating with fear based motives generally makes crap-work anyway. (Stephen Pressfeild refers to these fears as “the resistance”- those little gremlins that attack our curiosity and keep us from releasing our creativity.)

In a strangely uncomplicated decision to write, without expectation of how my creativity should serve me, my excuses have quietly made their way to the exit and I’m writing again. Voila!

The truth is, I’m not sure how long this confidence will last. For now however, I’m taking full advantage of this clarity and basking in the glorious space of embracing my creative love.

As for the War of Art, I’ll consider this a mini-victory.

With Joy & Aloha <3