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Hello, Ambitious!

If you own a business or a creative side-hustle, a healthy dose of motivation and supportive network can help keep you inspired throughout your journey.

The Rise & Thrive community serves to support creative entrepreneurs with refreshing inspiration and expert resources.

Meet us over on Rise & Thrive to receive inspiration in your business, information on the latest trends in digital marketing, and thought-provoking questions to help move you ahead in your business with intentionality.

This network strives to create a safe space for sharing your business journey. While promotional posts are often invited, the main objective of this community is to motivate one another as we navigate entrepreneurship and freelance-life.

If you’re local to Hawaii, we would love to meet you!

Beginning in the Fall, I’ll be hosting a quarterly workshop and many professional meet-ups. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter for updates!

With Joy & Aloha,

Samantha’s awesome coaching helped me to map out where I am now, where I’d like to be in the future, and the necessary tools to get there. It allowed me to focus on my professional objectives and to gain more clarity about direction regarding my baking business. I left refreshed and ready to tackle this business. Let’s do this!
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My biggest practical takeaway was developing a plan of action to take charge of my workflow. It really helped me to learn about the percentages of time that each task category should take, and I was able to practice scheduling my time accordingly.
Jennifer Bryant, Practical Family
I found Samantha to be very adept regarding the myriad of social media options and patiently eased me into exploring areas where I had no knowledge. With the help of her husband, a web developer, I have successfully launched my web site and am well on my way to reaching my audience.
Sheila Wrede, Wellness Becomes You
My greatest takeaway was knowing the heart and goals for my business. Samantha’s workshop helped me map out what it is I want for my business.
I enjoyed Samantha’s session on time management and yearly goal setting. The time appropriation percentages was eye opening and will have me re-evaluating where I focus my time and energy to bear more fruit in my business.
Shanelle Ganiron, Epiphany
When I told Samantha about my initial spark of an idea, that I could not yet fully articulate, she was able to fill in so many of the gaps and was able to visualize the possibilities of what she believed I could build. She was willing to help me work within my strengths but not scared to push me to take on goals outside of my comfort zone.
If you are interested in bettering your business and are looking to work with someone who genuinely cares about your well-being and the well-being of your business then you will not be disappointed. Samantha makes everything super easy to follow and replicate and I have seen a lot of improvement in my business and in myself as a business owner during our time working together.
Sheena Cole, Pure Romance