Don’t Follow Your Passion. Live Your Life.

Has anyone ever asked you what you're passionate about? What if happiness isn't about your passion but living authentically created passion?

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Making Friends with Fear

We're all familiar with the idea of "conquering" or "slaying" fear, but what if fear was there to help us? What if we could make peace with fear by simply acknowledging it and giving it it's place? Here, we will explore how fear can work in our favor...

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Thriving Creative’s Retreat

Women's Business Coaching in Hawaii This weekend marked a milestone in my personal journey and vision for coaching creative, female entrepreneurs. I truly couldn't be more happy with how things turned out, either! Of course, there are many things I hope to improve in the next retreat, but for the very first one, I left plumped to [...]

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Mothers + Daughters

This mother’s day, I discovered a new appreciation for the beautiful dysfunction of the mother-daughter relationship. Not because the relationship with my mother is totally awful or adversely, the picture of love, but because I’ve come to truly appreciate the relationship with my mother for what it is; simply complicated. Much like what it is for most of us...

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