Being Wonder Woman

After watching the incredible Wonder Woman film, I’m reminded of the super-hero-power in each of us. We each posses the power of kindness, compassion, perseverance, justice-waring, and long-suffering. Wonder woman is our truest self.

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Aligning Values with Practice 

Feeling overwhelmed with your endless to-do list? Asking this question may help you clarify your priorities and enhance your quality of focus...

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Living Out a “Hell Yes” Kinda Life

After watching a compelling interview with Seth Godin, I’m beginning to question this idea of failure and ideology surrounding productivity. We’re all heard “Beyonce has 24 hours in a day…blah blah,” But here's the question behind the banter: what are we really waiting for? In regard to our life, I mean. If we have dreams and [...]

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Don’t Follow Your Passion. Live Your Life.

Has anyone ever asked you what you're passionate about? What if happiness isn't about your passion but living authentically created passion?

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Making Friends with Fear

We're all familiar with the idea of "conquering" or "slaying" fear, but what if fear was there to help us? What if we could make peace with fear by simply acknowledging it and giving it it's place? Here, we will explore how fear can work in our favor...

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A Better Five Year Plan

When asked about your future plans... What’s your initial response? Do you have a tidy, bullet-point presentation to give in 30 seconds or less? Or do you impulsively begin rambling on, creating wide-eyed confusion? Whichever side you’re on, a holistic take to this question may help you resolve the "five-year-plan" conundrum. Instead of making plans, invest in discovering who you [...]

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Mothers + Daughters

This mother’s day, I discovered a new appreciation for the beautiful dysfunction of the mother-daughter relationship. Not because the relationship with my mother is totally awful or adversely, the picture of love, but because I’ve come to truly appreciate the relationship with my mother for what it is; simply complicated. Much like what it is for most of us...

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3 Secrets to Avoiding Creative Burnout

As an entrepreneur, staying creativly inspired is crucial to a thriving businesses. But what happens when our inner Picaso decided to take a vacation? If you've experienced weeks of writers block or just a simple lack of creative direction, here are some ways to keep that creative fire alive...

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3 Tips to Staying Merry & Bright this Season

This season is filled with sparkling buildings, shimmering Christmas trees, and a to-do list that just won’t quit. An overbooked schedule can wreak havoc on your health…especially when 1 out of 3 people you shake hands with is likely to host a creepy-super-germ. While plenty of rest and lots of Vitamin C are always sound advice, here’s a couple of tips to keeping you merry and bright...

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9 Benefits to Your Daily Run

9 Benefits to Your Daily Run There’s no grueling regiment here…just some exciting news! Have you ever wanted to get into running but felt you needed a race or something to prepare for? Me too! Until my recent discovery of some solid information to support the glory of the daily run, I was bogged down [...]

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